Teresa Waterworks Inc.


Teresa Waterworks, Inc. shall be BY 2014 a major player in water utility services in the whole ofCentral Luzon. Its primary aim is to ensure access to safe water supply through a modern and efficient water delivery system at par with international standards. Its commitment to community development starts with empowering its employees to be professional and conscientious citizens of society ready and willing to extend the highest level of customer care. Its quest for excellence involves continuous development of its internal company processes and procedures towards ISO certification.



Financial Stability

  • affiliated with a strong, stable & reputable Holdings Company


Technological Advancement

  • advance water filtration system that ensures customers of safe and healthy drinking water



  • competent, efficient, loyal and hardworking employees trained continuously and whose main thrust is customer satisfaction.



Founded by Juan D. Nepomuceno Group of Companies in 1997, Teresa Waterworks, Inc. or TWI, was established in Angeles City to provide the water requirements of its sister company’s, JDN REALTY’s residential and commercial developments. The first subdivision the company serviced was Villa Teresa Subdivision’s household population of 50 residents, thus, patterning the company’s name – Teresa Waterworks, Inc. Soon after, more homeowners established their residence at Villa Teresa making TWI invest in pumping stations and expand its piping network to accommodate the growing populace. JDN Realty spurred expansion of its projects –‐ residential and commercial establishments –‐ Holy Angel Village Phases 1 to 4, commercial areas of Nepo Mart Complex & Nepo Mall, all of which now serviced by Teresa Waterworks. With TWI gaining respect for its technologically–‐ advanced water filtration system and well thought–‐of master plans, a clamor to service the water needs of its neighboring subdivisions was sought after by the residents. True to its commitment to be of service to the community, TWI has expanded its operations to St. Kolbe Subdivision, Hacienda Royale, Sacop & Lara and Sameerah Subdivisions to date.