Alaminos is one of four cities located in Pangasinan, the most populous province in the country. It is the only city in Western Pangasinan, serving as the financial, commercial, and educational centre for ten surrounding municipalities. Alaminos is also the home of the famous Hundred Islands, the sand and sea tourism destination in the province of Pangasinan.

Nepo Mart Alaminos was the first shopping center in Western Pangasinan when it opened on July 2, 2004. It has a gross area of approximately 11000 square metres, with leasable area of about 8000 square metres. It has two floors labelled as Lower
Ground Floor and Upper Ground Floor. The Lower Ground Floor houses the bargain center and wet market area while the Upper Ground Floor comprises the mall area.

The mall area houses 66 stores composed of well-known retailers like MetroShoppers Department Store, HBC, Cindy’s, DIY Shop, Mercury Drug, St. Joseph Drugstore, Smart Communications, Photoline, and many others. It also has a food court comprised of 12 stalls. The bargain center called Nepo Alley on the lower ground floor consists of 152 stalls and features general merchandise stores, cellphone and electronics, beauty salons, dental and optical services, all operated by local entrepreneurs. The Wet Market are houses 327 stalls which offer a wide selection of fresh meat and seafood, frozen foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, various choices of rice and condiments,
local delicacies, and sari-sari stores.

Nepo Mart Alaminos is a shopping and market destination where customers will be impressed with the wide variety and selection of merchandise, value-oriented pricing, and excellent customer service. Nepo Mart caters to budget-conscious consumers who come from the different towns of Western Pangasinan and even parts of Zambales within a 50 kilometre radius. More than 19000, or 5% of the total population of Western Pangasinan, troop to Nepo Mart daily.